Non-destructive testing of welded joints

Kompensator SPE, JSC non-destructive testing laboratory provides a full range of services for check of quality of welded joints.

Liquid penetrant
Magnetic particle
We offer different methods of non-destructive testing.
  • Visual and measurement inspection.
  • Capillar (liquid penetrant inspection) method in accordance with GOST 18442. Due to the bright color of special liquids (penetrants), penetrating into the smallest cracks, their traces become noticeable without additional equipment. Suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Magnetic particle inspection. It is based on formation of a magnetic field, which, when checked, pierces the welded joint. It is used to inspect products with a ferromagnetic composition and helps to detect shallow but hidden cracks.
  • Ultrasonic inspection. It is based on penetration of diagnostic wave deep into the metal and when it collides with defects, the direction of its movement changes.
  • Radiographic inspection. Exposure of welded seams to X- and gamma- radiation allows the rays to penetrate through opaque obstacles and to detect welding defects (blowholes, lack of penetration, foreign inclusions, cracks).
Licenses and permits

Kompensator SPE, JSC non-destructive testing laboratory allows to carry out strict inspection during manufacture of bellows expansion joints of all types, ensuring high quality and compliance with the necessary requirements.

Also, the non-destructive testing laboratory provides services for check of quality of welded joints, their compliance with requirements of the standards.

Qualified NDT inspectors will help choose the best solution depending on the task assigned.

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