Calculation of pipeline systems

Kompensator SPE, JSC has a design and engineering department.
The design and engineering department is in charge of:

Strength calculations
of pipeline systems
Development and design
of support and suspension system
Execution of detailed
design documentation
Equipment package
Main tasks solved with the use
of bellows expansion joints:
  •   Compensation of static loads on pipeline and equipment from thermal deformations.
  • Reduction of dynamic loads from external factors, such as:
    • subsidence and inclination of equipment foundations and support-suspension systems
    • hydraulic shocks leading to low-frequency vibration of pipeline;
    • vibrations caused by equipment operation;
    • earthquake effects.
  • Removal of loads from inlet and outlet branch pipes of tanks, from flanges and branch pipes of pump and compressor equipment.
  •     Compensation of axis misalignment and end clearances of pipeline elements during installation.
The listed tasks are solved in the following way:
Collection, processing and analysis of initial data (information provided by the customer). If necessary, pipeline configuration is measured by the specialists of our plant.
Step 1
Issuance of technical assignment for technical work.
Step 2
Software calculations for pipelines in dePipe or “Start” programs
Step 3
Development of detailed design documentation.
Step 4
Manufacture and package supply of compensation devices, support-suspension systems and other pipeline elements.
Step 5
Step 6

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