Bellows expansion joints: purpose and types

Bellows expansion joints are used as compensating elements for absorbing of thermal deformations of pipelines transporting hot and cold media, movable inlets in pressure vessels, etc. They are also used to connect pressure and suction pipelines to units (pumps, turbines, compressors, motors, etc.) mounted on elastic mounts to reduce vibration loads.

Bellows expansion joints are hermetically sealed, vacuum-tight and temperature-resistant, reliable in operation and do not require maintenance during the entire service life.

Parameters of bellows expansion joints manufactured by Kompensator SPE, JSC:

  • nominal diameter from 50 to 5 000 mm,
  • nominal pressure from vacuum up to 20 MPa,
  • temperature of conducted media from -250°С to +1.500°С,
  • velocity of liquid media up to 8 m/s, of gaseous media up to 120 m/s,
  • material of end fittings: carbon and stainless steels, titanium, nickel-based alloys;
  • material of bellows: stainless steels, titanium, nickel-based alloys, aluminum alloys;
  • available connecting fittings: flange, branch piece or special design upon customer's request,
  • if necessary, introduction of guide branch piece (inner shield) and outer protective casing to the design.

Kompensator SPE, JSC serially manufactures the following types of bellows expansion joints: axial and universal bellows expansion joints, axial externally pressurized, lateral, lateral-rotary, rotary, cardan, universal balanced, balanced with branch, axial balanced, balanced externally pressurized, special design.

The company serially produces bellows compensation devices of the following type: SKU.M, SKU devices. MT, SKU.PPU.Ia, SKU.PPM, SKU.PPU, SKU.PPU/PE.I, SKU.PPU/OTs, SKU.PPU/PE.II, SKU.TGI, 2SKU.M, 2SKU.PPU.Ia, 2SKU.PPM, 2SKU.PPU, 2SKU .PPU/PE.I, 2SKU.PPU/PE.II and also starting bellows expansion joints.