SPE Kompensator offers a full cycle of work from development to delivery  products and strives to ensure that the technical level of manufactured products meets international requirements and standards.

Today SPE Kompensator is 15 000 m² of production space, more than 400 units of technological equipment, more than 250 employees. The necessary licenses, permits and certificates are available for the development and production of products. The company is a certified developer of equipment operating under excessive pressure, and non-standard equipment operating in various aggressive environments.

  • Possibility of manufacturing from one piece to mass production.
  • Term of service is 20-60 years, of which the warranty period is up to 10 years from the date of commissioning.
  • High quality of products is ensured by operational control over the full cycle of product manufacturing (from incoming material control to finished product output).
  • Products are put into production in accordance with the requirements of GOST 15.201.
  • The bellows moulding is performed using special equipment and accessories ensuring the corresponding dimensions and shape of each corrugated tube. Depending on the diameter and purpose of future bellows, as well as the materials used, the factory moulding of bellows can be performed in three ways: hydroforming (main method); elastomer (rubber) moulding; mechanical paying-out. The advantage of the hydroforming method is that the forming pressure is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the bellows. This makes it possible to provide a uniform load while simultaneously forming all corrugations of the bellows and to manufacture the bellows with minimal plastic deformation of the material. There are practically no places of stress concentration in the bellows, which contributes to its longer operation.
  • The production complex of the enterprise includes a testing center, which allows for acceptance, acceptance, certification, qualification and other tests.
  • The highly qualified design and technological service of the enterprise can develop technical products of any complexity in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer for various industries. We also provide technical support, consulting and calculation services for pipeline systems.